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Men's Health & Skin Care

Introducing the Fayez Spa healing experience for men

Men's unique health and skin care needs are addressed in a precisely defined manner at Fayez Spa with renowned Swiss-researched and developed products combined with exacting protocols and standards. Men can now experience the world's best wellness and skin care services in all south-western Ontario in a relaxing, male-friendly environment - exclusively available at Fayez Spa.

Caring for one's body in a holistic manner, and grooming one's appearance to project optimal good health are no longer the hallmark of just media personalities. Today, regardless of age and occupation, men are becoming savvy consumers about health and well-being, and are embracing those important components of well-being with registered massage therapy, bio-tech skin care, and therapeutic hand and foot care.

The skin is the body's largest organ, and men's body and facial skin have unique physiological age and hormonal characteristics that must be treated with appropriate product formulations and protocols to ensure that optimal health is achieved or maintained.

Massage therapeutic benefits

Health Canada advises that stress can compromise your immune system leaving you vulnerable to disease and illness. Further, physicians frequently 'prescribe' massage therapy for a host of medical reasons: to reduce or eliminate muscular pain, expedite recovery from a sports injury, surgery or an accident, improve circulation, and to minimize stress-related illnesses.

Foot care benefits

More than just golfers appreciate the benefits of well-cared for feet. At Fayez Spa, a pedicure is much more than just a cut 'n polish. It's state-of-the-art equipment, sanitized instruments, concentrated products and skilled aestheticians provide soothing and rejuvenating therapies for your tired feet. Any foot care treatment can be augmented with the addition of paraffin therapy that further relaxes and soothes tired muscles and joints.

Laser Hair Removal

Now you can have unwanted hair effectively removed by a specially certified technician using a Health Canada approved medical grade IPL device. The treatment is suitable for all healthy skin types.

Permanent Hair Removal with Waxing

A revolutionary permanent hair reduction treatment performed by trained, professional aestheticians combines traditional, hair removal by waxing/threading with a unique series of patented products to reduce hair growth for any area of skin: body, face and intimate areas.

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Fitting for all skin types, our Oxygen Treatments are a luxurious combination of state-of-the-art oxygen technology to infuse moisture, vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin to target various concerns such as dehydration, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, blemish prone skin and more.

A Hollywood favourite treatment, like no other facial treatment!