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Body Care

Body Therapists trained in the most demanding curriculum in Canada, provide Fayez Spa clients the ultimate in therapeutic body massage. Today, physicians are prescribing massage to treat stress, reduce pain, improve circulation and minimize stress-related illnesses. Of equal importance, many insurance companies support massage "prescriptions" by including them in medical plan benefits. Of course, Fayez's RMTs provide receipts to claim on extended medical plans if requested when booking appointments. In addition, body therapists and aestheticians provide a variety of relaxation massages, body therapies, wraps, and polishes especially designed to soothe, restore, stimulate, and detoxify.


Massage - 45 min.
Price: $66.37

Massage - 60 min.
Price: $75.22

Massage - 90 min.
Price: $109.73

Aromatherapy Massage - 45 min.
Essential oils and plant extracts known for medicinal properties are used in this full body massage which relieves stress, relaxes muscles and nerves, promotes detoxification, and provides a renewed sense of well-being.
Price: $70.80

Aromatherapy Massage - 60 min.
Price: $80.53

Aromatherapy Massage - 90 min.
Price: $115.04

Hot Stone Massage
Originating with native Americans, this ancient healing art is an effective way to create positive energy flow while the therapist massages the body with warm basalt stones resulting in deep relaxation.

Approximately 75 minutes
Price: $110.62

Turquoise Sage Stone Massage
The relaxing lavender and purifying sage is a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving oil. The heat combined with this luxurious essential oil blend aids in its absorption, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of deep relaxation.

Approximately 90 minutes
Price: $132.74

Reflexology - 60 min.
This ancient Eastern practice of acupressure massage is based on a system of applying pressure to reflex points on the head, hands and feet. It's simply the greatest hand and foot massage you'll ever experience. This unique method will melt all your stress away, leaving your body ready to renew and rejuvenate for long lasting results.

Reflexology benefits include:
  • Stress and pain reduction
  • Stimulation of blood flow
  • Induces relaxation
  • Releases toxins
Price: $70.80

Reflexology - 90 min.
Price: $115.04

Seasonal Soother Treatment
If you need to rid your body of those seasonal stresses this is the treatment for you. First we exfoliate using a desert jojoba salt scrub, followed by a cleansing shower, a 60 minute massage using an essential oil blend, and concluding with a soothing wrap that allows the essential oils to absorb leaving you feeling energized, revitalized, rejuvenated and restored. Choose from our Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall blends.

Approximately 90 minutes
Price: $141.59

Aromatherapy Sea Salt Exfoliation
A combination of essential oils and sea salts are used to exfoliate the body and stimulate blood circulation while your mind drifts to a happy place.

Approximately 45 minutes
Price: $70.80

Fayez Signature Body Treatment
This is the ultimate de-stressing health and beauty body treatment beginning with a luxurious cocoa butter and Dead Sea salt scrub that nourishes while it exfoliates. It is followed by a botanical mud wrap enriched with therapeutic herbs to detoxify and de-stress body and mind. While the wrap is working its magic, the therapist provides a stress-relieving scalp massage then allows you a time of quiet relaxation. Following a cleansing shower, a 45-minute aromatherapy massage with rich cream blends inspires healing and deep relaxation. Your skin will look and feel luxuriously silky and energized, reinforcing your renewed sense of well-being.

Approximately 90 minutes
Price: $132.74

Mediterranean Mud Infusion
Relax and unwind in a cocoon of Mediterranean Dead sea salt, mud and pure essential oils. This infusion will buff, detoxify, tone and re-hydrate your skin. The treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using an antioxidant enriched Dead Sea salt scrub followed by a luxurious mud wrap fortified with Vitamin E and Aloe Extract to rehydrate thirsty skin. While warmly wrapped, experience true relaxation as the therapist provides a scalp and shoulder massage under the tranquility of our aromatherapy steam table. Following a cleansing shower, this infusion is complete with a 60-minute aromatherapy massage with rich creams and oils to beautify the body and leave you feeling deeply rejuvenated.

Approximately 105 minutes
Price: $159.30

Rosemary & Ginger Exfoliation
This signature Fayez Spa treatment begins with a full body exfoliation using a custom blend of the following; Rosemary: improves circulation, detoxifies and its aromatic scent is a natural anti-depressant; Ginger; reduces inflammation, promotes even skin tone and aids in the treatment of acne and Brown Sugar: helps hydrate the skin by pulling moisture from the air and contains glycolic acid to protect the skin. Then, relax on our steam table in a warm cocoon of rosemary-lemon infused steam, followed by a soothing shower and a 60-minute massage using lemon-rosemary cream. The ultimate in relaxation.

Approximately 90 minutes.
Price: $141.59