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Accredited 5-Star Spa

Fayez Spa, London, is Southern-Ontario's first accredited 5-Star Spa!

Congratulations to Fayez Tamba and his award-winning staff!

Fayez Spa - The skin, body, hair wellness retreat is southern-Ontario’s first accrdited 5-Star Spa and the only spa in London to be awarded this prestigious distinction.The recent inspection confirms that the spa substantially exceeds the stringent 5-Star Spas of Canada accreditation criteria.

lady in steamroomOver 250 inspection requirements were examined by an independent team - starting with an evaluation of the treatments provided the lead inspector.The extensive inspection protocol confirmed certification of all spa professionals, and included a detailed technical review and evaluation of treatments, services, facilities, amenities, products, and unsurpassed sanitation, of course.

The 5-Star Spa accreditation confirms that Fayez Spa continues to lead the industry. Inspections are currently being conducted at other day and stay spa applicants and will be posted on the 5-Star Spas website that is currently under renovation. (

5-Star Spas Background
5-Star Spas of Canada was incorporated in June 2012. An invited group of “originals” comprise the initial alliance of prestigious equals. Each has demonstrated commitment to consumer accountability by inviting the rigorous inspection, and to delivering quality-assured spa experiences. 5-Star Spas are all about exceptional standards. Consumers’ discerning taste and quest for well-being, anti-aging, and technologically advanced skin care are sure to be rewarded at any accredited 5-Star Spa.

For more information, contact
Fayez Tamba, Owner of Fayez Spa 519-652-2780 or
Liz Conway, Registrar, 5-Star Spas of Canada 877-739-9280