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A biography of Fayez Tamba

As a young immigrant to Canada from Lebanon, Fayez Tamba initially began his career as a hairstylist in 1975. He quickly earned a reputation for excellence as a leading stylist, competing in numerous global and national competitions and winning many awards for his creativity in hair design between 1975 and 1982.

Fayez has never been content to maintain the status quo. For years, he had a vision of operating a facility offering various beauty treatments under one roof. As a result of the solid reputation he had established as a stylist combined with determination, diligence, extensive research and complete dedication to his dream, in 1983 he opened Fayez Beauty Spa and introduced the day spa concept to the City of London and surrounding region, making it the first authentic spa in Canada's vast landscape known as Southern Ontario.

At the time, this was a completely unique concept for this area, thereby presenting many challenges for Fayez. Clients were unfamiliar with the day spa concept and spa services. In addition, there was a lack of qualified estheticians and therapists to provide the types of services and treatments that Fayez wanted to offer his clientele.

Fayez remained totally committed to pioneering the day spa concept and maintained a fierce determination to educate the public on the benefits to be derived for both one's physical and mental well-being as a result of treatments available at a day spa. The popularity of the spa services offered at Fayez Beauty Spa increased so rapidly that it became apparent that his rented premises of 3,000 square feet, was no longer adequate and a larger facility would be required to better deliver these services to his valued clientele. At that time, Fayez Beauty Spa consisted of a total of seven employees.

In 1995, Fayez purchased the property which is the present location of Fayez Spa. The ensuing years have seen several dramatic expansions, resulting in a wellness retreat of over 8,500 square feet and 45 dedicated and skilled aestheticians, stylists and therapists performing an extensive menu of spa treatments. According to national Sun Media editorial, August 21, 2013, "Fayez Spa is worth the drive from anywhere to enjoy the ultimate day spa retreat."

Fayez Spa is a multiple international, national and local award winning retreat and ranks among the Top 10 Spas in Canada. In 2013, Fayez celebrated his spa's 30th anniversary acquiring even more notable honours. He was personally recognized as the only Canadian spa operator to receive an iSpa Innovate Award at the International Spa Association's Conference & Expo. Organic growth and innovation are the cornerstones that characterize Fayez's successful three decade modus operandi as he was also recognized for being instrumental in launching the alliance of 5-Star Spas of Canada with an accreditation protocol that requires mandatory inspection.

Fayez is very proud of the role his initial contribution to the day spa concept played. He has diligently worked to elevate the concept to a higher level and is pleased that today's growth and success of the spa industry continue to be rooted in integrity.